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Friend waits while her friend gets tagged in public

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lol 6 years ago
at 1:55 the camera guy said tacos
Figured Out 6 years ago
I know what's going on here. This girl hasn't figured out that she's the third wheel, so this couple is doing all they can to make her understand. Apparently she's doesn't want to get it.
Spelvin 8 years ago
I don't get why you wouldn't watch, tho. The times I've had friends fuck in front of me I've been all over it. There's nothing like watching people fuck live and in person!
Wow 6 years ago
Friend goals
hahahahahaha 8 years ago
Tags: Friends Forever.
Hahahahahahahahaha I guess so. I know I wouldn't be lookout. Y'all can do that at home!
fuck 6 years ago
lucky bastard and a true friend.
Perv 6 years ago
The friend is a vouyer and the 2 fucking are exhibitionists.......not wrong with that I'd tell the friend to swap cum with her
Luke 4 years ago
When you wonder why the Fuck are even there and haven't I got anything better to do today...
PuzzyKat 8 years ago
friendzoned... "guys can I go now"
lucy 4 years ago
lol iv done this a few times